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"Good and knowledgeable staff. Helpful in mapping out a useful and pragmatic retirement strategy and in making investment recommendations. Very proactive in managing portfolios. Would highly recommend."

—George S.

"I rarely leave reviews, but I'm impressed. I've met with multiple financial planners over the years - it's been a sea of sameness. Mike knows what he is talking about—very impressive market knowledge, results-driven and caring.

—Mark & Erin J.

"...very helpful, professional and knowledgeable... didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need. Highly recommended."

—Andrew M.

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What good financial advice looks like.

1. Active portfolio management

No "hang in there" strategies. As you approach and enter retirement, it's not so easy to wait around for the market to bounce back. We aim for the highest rate of return while minimizing risk as much as possible.

2. No product sales

It doesn't feel very good when a financial salesperson pushes high-fee products on you to make themselves a hefty commission. We're fee-only fiduciary financial advisors with an emphasis on strategic investing.

3. Long-term financial planning

We're focused on preserving your current standard of living, adjusted for inflation and taxes moving forward, no matter how long you live. It's an ongoing relationship—we're your partner in retirement.

You probably have a lot of concerns if you're in or near retirement.

  • 💵 How much can I spend from my portfolio?
  • 📉 What should I do with my investments during market volatility?
  • 🎢 Am I taking too much risk with my investments?
  • 🙈 What fees might be eating into my retirement fund that I'm unaware of?
  • 🫰 How can I reduce taxes and keep more of my nest egg?

We can help.

Our veteran wealth management team has been helping people like you retire well for over two decades. Headquartered in Florida with offices across the country, we offer personalized, 1-on-1 service with the backing of a brand that stands for quality.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our service and are ready to prove it with a satisfaction guarantee. It’s simple: For any new client that hires Talon to manage their portfolio, if you aren’t satisfied after one year, for any reason at all...

Talon will refund 100% of your advisor fees.

"While all investments took a hit in 2020, Talon minimized the impact to my investments. By the end of the year they had rebuilt the value to nearly the same as it was before the sell off."

—Grover S.

Our Difference

Too many financial salespeople masquerade as fiduciaries trying to make a dollar off of your hard-earned money. They push high-cost products that hinder your growth or put you in poor-fit investments with hidden fees to line their own pockets.

We're passionate about helping good people be as successful as possible with their financial lives, and doing it the right way. Our process is transparent and you'll always be in control of your money.

It starts with getting to know who you and your family are and what your ideal retirement looks like.

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Get a free financial plan.

1. Talk with an licensed advisor

All of our financial advisors are fee-only independent fiduciaries, which means they're not tied to any specific investments, are free from conflicts of interest, and don't take commissions.

2. Get an objective evaluation

We'll analyze your investments to help you understand what hidden fees or costs you may be incurring and determine if your current plan is efficient for your needs.

✅ 3. Claim your free plan

You'll get a written, comprehensive financial plan to help you move forward confidently in retirement. There's no cost or obligation to work with us after claiming your plan—only your time.

"... 10+ rating

I am more than pleased with the personal service I have received from this excellent company. Always there to answer questions and provide appropriate advice. I had tried others but was disappointed until I moved to Talon."

—Lindsey Smith

Your financial watchdog.

Talon Wealth CEO, Mike Lester, talks to millions of Americans each day on the radio about how they can guard their nest egg. Listen or watch here.

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